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About us….

                       3D Rom Design Ltd is a recent established company on the CAD
Romanian market.  3D Rom Design has a French capital majority and is founded
following a long-term collaboration (of approximately 5 years) between
Compagnie de Chemins de Fer Departementaux (one of the major French rolling stock
manufacturer) and our specialists.
      In September 2001 3D Rom Design is established in Bucharest as a
CAD/CAE consultant .

 Benefiting of highly qualified and experienced engineers in various fields
3D Rom Design is prepared to offer competitive solutions, compatible with
European standards so as to answer the
exigency of the railway authority.

Our company project development follows the concurrent engineering principles,
thus allowing solution improvements during the design process. In this way,
even major changes in the design phase will not significantly delay or increase
 the project budget.  

             The virtual prototyping (using CATIA & SolidWorks) and the numerical
analysis using finite element method (with ANSYS) will also contribute to an
efficient design with major savings while raising the quality.

              At the moment, we are structured as a flexible team consisting in a
core of mechanical engineers  and a large number of freelance designers and
specialists in various fields, contacted depending on the type and the volume
of work involved.

Major areas of activities in which our team has specialized are:

Rolling Stock Equipment Design
Assembly, Manipulation and Transfer Lines for automotive
industry and construction
Plastic Mold Design and other types of Industrial Molds
Pneumatic & Hydraulic Equipment Design