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        We are a flexible structured company, based on a core of mechanical design engineers

 and a large team of freelance technical designers depending on the project type and the

volume of work involved

Our engineering / design capabilities & experience include:


Modeling (CATIAV5 & Solidworks)


Advanced Design Parts & Assemblies

Generation of Production Drawings

Compatibility CatiaV5/V4, dxf/dwg,


Sheet Metal Design

Finite Element Analysis (using ANSYS)


Stress Prediction; Static linear & nonlinear

Dynamic Analysis

Buckling Analysis

Shape & Material Design Optimization

Fatigue Analysis

Machine-tools and manufacturing process design


We offer competitive cost /quality solutions in various fields


Design of Rolling Stock Equipment  (current projects with Compagnie de Chemins

de Fer Deaprtementaux -major manufacturer in France)

Design of Machine Tools for Manufacturing, Assembly & Manipulation lines for

automotive and construction industry

Design of Plastic Injection Molds

for automotive, medical, military, computer, cosmetics, home appliances etc

special injection molds with the active side obtained through laser synterization

Quality conversion from Paper Drawings to 2D/3D in AutoCAD /CATIA / Solidworks

Plotting Services


Our engineers' experience has been built working along various projects for EU companies

 and Russia:


For further information please visit our site at  www.3dromdesign.com or contact us :


Dipl. Eng. Virgil ERMALIUC

Tel:  +40 21 3125010 /  3125009

Fax:  +40 21 3125007

E-mail: v.ermaliuc@3dromdesign.com

Address:        104, Sos. Berceni, Sector 4

Bucharest, PC 041919